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What XCS Local Does

Your website is your brand's front door to the entire world. Visitors from near and far will be judging your site by its cover and will make the decision whether or not to work with you based on their first impression of you. XCS Local works with small businesses and media entities to develop the best digital solutions to not only make a great first impression, but drive customers and an audience to your products.


On Demand

Whether you are a local media outlet or a local business looking for innovative ways to appeal to a potential client, On Demand audio and visual content adds depth and recidivism to your website.

XCS Local can produce market exclusive podcasts, videos and other multimedia content to give you the edge over competitors or take advantage of our XCS content that your brand can use to generate additional revenue.

News , Sports and Entertainment

Solid writing.  Informative reporting.  Everything you want in a website.

XCS Local offers radio stations, websites, and others timely news articles for their digital projects about anything ranging from breaking news, political news, sports news, entertainment news, reviews, commentary and plenty more.  Get stories that not only say what is happening, but explain why it is happening with an in-depth look and analysis.

Whether it is locally unique or of national interest, XCS Local will give you the product your web audience desires.


We speak in numbers

Media is a business and businesses use numbers.  In the new age of digital media, information about your consumer and how to reach them can come in like an ocean wave.  XCS Local can take these numbers and provide an in-depth analysis on who is looking at your website, why they are looking at your site and finding ways to tweak those figures to get your target demographics.
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