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How can a News/Talk station become more appealing to a younger audience?  Dennis J. Foley understands the needs and desires of a younger, wealthier audience that most news/talk station miss by developing a product that informs and entertains, a blend often forgotten by many news/talk stations across the nation.

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Dennis does more than just read the news.  He understands why things happen, who the players are, and what happens between those players.  Dennis takes a centrist, unbiased approach to understanding and analyzing news events and what that means to local residents.

Why something happens is often more important than what happens, especially in a world where politicians and other news makers work to make and spin a story into their favor.

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I want to congratulate both of you and KEEL for the great articles that were on the KEEL web site today as well as the poll about Shreveport being racially divided. I noticed as of 4:30 today 86% of the people that responded believe, as I do, there is a deep racial divide here. I hope the so called leaders here as well as the newspaper and TV stations take the information these articles and poll provide and run with it. I’m a retired 38 year television broadcaster, most of which was in larger markets and since returning to my old stomping grounds about 4 years ago I’ve noticed there is a complete absence of attention paid to all the problems here by the news media. This is pathetic. Unless my memory fails me, I remember Shreveport was a nice clean city when I worked for KTBS many years ago. After my wife and I escaped California we decided to (hopefully) make Shreveport our final home. After being here for 4 years and seeing Shreveport for what it is today in many respects, I’m now thinking we made a mistake coming here. My wife wants to move to Texas so we can be closed to our son and his family but I love our home here and the Louisiana culture. We’ll see. (Stonecipher: Shreveport Is As Racially Divided Today As In 1960s | News Radio 710 KEEL 2/4/2014)

710 KEEL Listener Cynthia from Natchitoches

I know you have been here for a while now, but I’m just getting around to writing. I really enjoy your radio work with KEEL. I live in Clarence (near Natchitoches) and drive to Bossier City every week, so that’s when I listen to KEEL. I grew up listening to your station – loved Larry Ryan! Ask someone about him. He was the best! Your voice reminds me of Dick Cavett’s. I’m sure you know who he is. You have a good, clear, easy way of talking that makes us want to listen. Keep up the good work!!! (7/10/2013)

Lucy Medvec

Willis-Knighton Public Relations Manager

Thank you for coming yesterday. Your article was wonderful and greatly appreciated. I’ll keep you posted on arrival updates for tomorrow. Thanks again… Thank you again for your article. It’s our favorite! (Willis-Knighton Cancer Center Installing World’s First Compact Proton Therapy System | News Radio 710 KEEL 7/17/2013)

710 KEEL Listener Robert from New Orleans

I’m sitting up at Wine Country, thinking about the situation at the SFD, and you came to mind. You seem to be the only reporter doing anything substantial with this story. Keep up the good work, I think it will earn you national recognition at the end of the day, plus it needs reporting. My thoughts: All organizations consist of a mentality that drips from the top. The fact that the precinct Captain in charge was able to do this in front if people tells me two things. Either the SFP at the highest level (ie Chief) tacitly condones or overlooks these things, or the person running the department is incredibly stupid and /it lacks management skills. Either way, it’s a sad situation. Think about it, the head if the precinct reports to him… …Keep up the good work, Dennis. Maybe they should pin a medal not just the ” disgruntled employee”, but you too. Keep pushing and pushing and pushing. I sense you are very good at what you do. (Glover, Mulford Disturbed and Concerned About Shreveport Firefighters’ Arrests | News Radio 710 KEEL & Fire Chief Craig Mulford’s Role In Shreveport Firefighters’ Alleged Abuse Of Mentally Impaired | News Radio 710 KEEL 8/9/2013) Reader

There was an excellent Op-Ed by a KEEL news man I happened to see a few days ago. He hasn’t been in Shreveport that long. Maybe those of us who haven’t been here that long are the ones who realize what the problems are here. (Shreveport Should Work To Fix Neighborhoods, Not Just Patch | News Radio 710 KEEL 10/21/2013)

Elliott Stonecipher

Shreveport demographer and political analyst

Thank you for the effort you expended in providing detail about Kelly Ayotte in your online article today. It added tremendously to the facts of the interview itself, and we know you are qualified to flesh-out that particular person and subject. Thanks for contacting me, and let me know if I can help you, anytime. (Stonecipher: Ayotte Should Be GOP’s 2016 Presidential Candidate | News Radio 710 KEEL 12/13/2013)

Elliott Stonecipher

Shreveport demographer and political analyst

Again, you have done an excellent job synthesizing the metrics and more subjective aspects of the local housing market and economy. Your reporting is far superior to what we have come to expect here, and I thank you for it, just as I thank you for asking me to participate. (Stonecipher: NW La. Will Not Have Housing Boom in our Lifetime | News Radio 710 KEEL 1/12/2014)

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